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The voting period for the 1st annual International Academy of Web Television awards is in full swing! Members of the IAWTV are currently combing through a ton of submissions in over 30 categories, all with an eye towards nominating the best of the best in original scripted and non-scripted web series. A while back we asked you guys, the C&E fans, to help us decide what episodes best represented the categories we were planning on submitting to. Now, with the submissions in, we thought it might be a neat idea to share some thoughts on why we chose the specific episodes we did and how they lined up with what you all thought.

Today we start with "Best Supplemental Content"  Find out what our pick was, and why Andy and Avi each thought it was the right one, after the jump.

The Category: Best Supplemental Content
The Pick: An Evening With Eros, EP 7 “Couples Therapy”
Watch it here:

I'm really proud of all the content that we've created outside of the main flagship show, but I felt pretty strongly that this was the episode to submit. Not only does it show an example of the way in which we've been building the world of C&E (something which all our other content, from Cupid's YouTube Vlog to our Satyr Lodge Records website, do as well), but it's an example of something I was really excited to do when I started working in Web Series. Find creators and shows I really like and then find a way to work with them, along side them, and when possible, cross over with them.

It's kind of fitting that we talk about this episode this week. Today the votes are being tabulated in the Celebrate The Web 5 Web Pilot Competition, and it was during the previous competition that I met Robb Padgett, Tanya Ihnen and Steve Lekowicz, the ridiculously talented creators behind Vampire Zombie Werewolf. I'd discovered VZW shortly before taking part in CTW4... I honestly don't remember how. A random tweet maybe? Or perhaps from hearing a mention of the show on Indie Intertube. Regardless, one episode was all it took for me to know that these were people that I wanted to work with, and Eros' Interscroll advice show was the perfect way to do it. Robb and I talked about some potential questions Tad and Bunny could send Eros' way, but until I saw the actual video I genuinely didn't know what we were in for. It was such an awesome feeling, opening the video for the first time, seeing what Tad and Bunny had to say and figuring out how Eros would respond.

That give and take between shows and creators, and the way in which it can be used to grow not just one show's audience, but both--that to me is something that Web Series do better than almost any other medium. Creating shows for the web is a crazy, still mostly uncharted territory, and I thought this episode was a great example of the ways in which creators can try and do things in new and fun ways, and give their fans more bang for their click in the process.

I have to admit that this was a hard category for me to choose what I thought we should submit. The reason being that Avi and I have worked very hard to build an “interscroll” universe around the web series and the characters. I don’t know how many of you have had a chance to look at all of our additional content, but if you haven’t please do as we’ve got video logs from Eros answering relationship questions, video logs from Cupid professing personal feelings, pop-up videos for each of the season 1 episodes and a bonus clip from “Olympian Muse” (the God’s version of American Idol). When I looked at this as a whole, I thought, “damn, that’s a lot of good stuff.”

So then I looked at each grouping, ie the pop-ups, Cupid’s vlogs, Eros’ vlogs and “Olympian Muse.” Visiting other web series sites, I could see them submitting a music video or a behind the scenes montage as their supplemental content, so I passed on the “Olympian Muse” segment and looked at the pop-up videos. These are great because just like the originals, the viewer sees the story and gets interesting tidbits of facts about the production and mythology. I also thought about the amount of time Avi and I invested in researching the mythology information and what production tidbits we thought the audience would be interested in. And since the pop-up video for episode 1 allowed us to introduce the audience to our characters and mythology, I thought this video would be a possibility.

Next I looked at Cupid’s vlogs. These are great because the viewer gets to know Cupid from a very personal level and sets up more character insight for Season 2. The thing that was missing for me in these vlogs as far as a submission for this category, is that it only highlighted one character and didn’t show the breath that our “interscroll” universe can reach. So on to Ero’s vlogs I went and these I really enjoy because Eros’ playfulness and compassion for helping others comes through. Then within the selection of individual vlogs, I wanted to see an actual question from a viewer, which we have three – two from mortals and one featuring two characters from another web series. To me it was a no brainer, Ero’s vlog featuring the Couple, Bunny and Tad, from the web series VAMPIRE ZOMBIE WEREWOLF. This episode shows how a web series can build a universe around a character and team with other web series in cross promotion.

So as much as I like the pop-up videos, I decided Eros’ vlog “Couples Therapy” had to be the one for me.

Andy wasn't the only one who was torn between the Evening With Eros episode and our Pop Up Videos.  The Pop Ups were brought up by several fans.  Both of us went back and forth on this a lot, but in the end it was the ability to highlight the different levels on which the supplemental content could work (cross promotion, world building, new material between seasons etc) that led us to our final choice.

And be sure to check our more of Tad and Bunny at

Let us know what you think of our pick and our reasoning in the comments below and then come on backFriday when we discuss our pick for "Best Production Design"

Till then, Ciao Bella
-Avi and Andy

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