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It seems kind of crazy that we haven't already done a C&E Interview with Eros herself, the lovely and talented Jo Bozarth. Jo is not only one of the stars of the show, but she was also one of the earliest people involved in its creation.  C&E simply wouldn't exist as we know it, if Jo hadn't been the inspiration behind making Eros female... and if Jo hadn't then made her such a fun, complex and interesting character.

So today, with our first story-arc coming to a close on it's new, ad-free, home of JTS.TV, it seemed like a good idea to finally rectify that situation.  After the jump, learn when she decided she would be an actress, how she thinks Eros changed over the course of Season 1, and how she would have accepted her Indie Intertube Award for best acress in a comedy if she'd been able to do so live.

AVI: What’s your background as an actor?  When did you decide it was what you wanted to do?

JO: The first time I decided that acting was definitely for me was when I was tied to the train tracks in a junior high melodrama.  I was cast as the damsel in distress, and I remember trying to understand why this damsel would be in such a situation.  Making the damsel and her situation true for me was a challenge, and I loved it.

A: I’ve mentioned in blog posts before the fact that Eros was originally written as a male character, which I can’t even picture now.  You were one of the people there (along with Producer Andy Wells, Script Supervisor Erin Connarn and Cinematographer Jefferson Loftfield) when we talked about making the change, and I’m wondering what your thoughts were on why it made it more interesting?  Because it did!

J: Male / female friendships are inherently interesting.  We’re different animals.  Add to which, we don’t always fit into the roles society gives us.  The possibilities of what could happen with this relationship are endless.

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A:From day 1, you made the role of Eros your own, and at this point you probably know her as well as I do (if not better).  I’m curious, how would you describe her?

J: She’s one tough cookie.  She’s smart.  She cares.  She’s the most human god there is.

A: We shot the season in two chunks, first eps 1-3 and then 4-9.  (plus AN EVENING WITH EROS in between).  Did you find yourself approaching the shoots differently as time went on?

J: As time went on and as the story evolved, Eros and I both dropped the tough act.  We became more vulnerable, and we let each other in.  Playing Eros became like tapping in to a part of myself.  That’s when acting becomes a joy.  It’s what an actor strives for, and is that much easier to attain when a character is written so beautifully. [Editor's note: I swear, I didn't go fishing for that compliment.  But it was much appreciated -avi]


A: The core of the show was the friendship between Cupid and Eros.  And I loved watching you and Josh develop that relationship on screen.  What was it like working with him?

J: Josh is a very giving actor.  He’s so easy to connect with, so easy to befriend, and so easy to care for as the character, and the person behind the character.  After our time together on set, I would definitely call Josh Heine a friend.

A: What was your favorite episode or scene to shoot?

J: My favorite scene to shoot was the scene in the bar [in episode 9] after Cupid makes a mess of Valentine’s Day, and his friendship with Eros…the scene where they confront one another and reconnect, and then kick some butt. 

A: Indie Film sets are often controlled chaos.  Anything crazy, wacky, or just plain nutty that you remember?

J: Making sex moan noises in the alleyway behind the Blue Goose, while a the proprietors of the family run business next door (yes, those do exist in Hollywood) came outside to see what all the hullaballoo was about was…in a word…awkward.  Especially since that family included what looked to be a couple of elementary school aged children.  Mortifying!  Absolutely mortifying!

A: Yeah... sorry about that...  C&E was the first web series you did but you’ve since done SLBAAC and the upcoming Ladies and Gents… how have you found working for the web to be different than TV or film?


J: As we touched upon on my “Acting Up” panel at NMX in January, the craft is the craft is the craft.  Your level of preparedness is the same.  You use the same tools.  The difference lies in the fact that the actor cannot afford to be ‘precious’.  (In large part because the budget does not allow for anyone to be precious.)  If I adhere to a certain diet, I cannot expect my ‘not so ordinary ‘ needs to be taken care of.  That type of thing.

A: You rightfully (I may be biased, but I certainly think so) won Best Actress in a Comedy at the Indie Intertube awards.  If you’d gotten to accept the award in person, what would have been the best line of your acceptance speech?

J: Comedy is serious business.

A: Ha ha, won't argue with you there.  Lastly, what have you been up to since C&E wrapped and what’s next?

J: Well, you and I shot a pilot for a show called SHRINKAGE, which I am very proud of.  I had a hand in creating and writing that show.  It is now in post.  I have another, female spearheaded project in the works.  Oh, and you, Mr. Glijansky, asked me to be your Mrs., a question to which I most enthusiastically and giddily responded, “Yes!”.  I wish you the best of luck on that venture. :)


Well, at the risk of sounding corny, I'm pretty sure that venture is going to be the best one I'm ever a part of.

Jo will be seen next in THE LADIES, the female drive companion series to THE GENTS which will premiere in Mid-March 2013.  In addition to acting, she also wrote and directed one of the 1st season's episodes.

you can follow her on twitter, @jobozarth and see what she's up to as an actor, atist, and all around cool woman on her website,

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