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We're almost to the end here folks. Last friday the nomination process came to a close and now all we can do is wait for the folks at What's Trending to announce the nominees live on December 14th. But even though the voting has passed we still have a few picks to discuss and some praises to sing.

Last week we talked about the episode we thought highlighted the talent of Jo Bozarth and today it's time for her guy friday to get some much deserved kudos. Yep, it's time to talk about Cupid himself, Josh Heine.

Our pick, after the jump.


THE CATEGORY: “Best Male Performance, Comedy”

THE PICK: Episode 9, “Love Conquers all, Bitch...”



AVI: It's probably clear by now that I'm not shy about singing the praises of the talented folks who I'm fortunate enough to work with. The fact is I feel lucky to have collected such an amazing set of collaborators. But while the contributions of some of them behind the camera can sometime go unnoticed by viewers, it's pretty hard to ignore the contribution of the people bringing our two love gods to life.

Last week we talked about Jo Bozarth, our Eros. Jo was actually cast as Eros first, in fact once Eros became a goddess instead of god, the role was written for her specifically. Which made picking my Cupid all the more important. It had to be someone that was not only an equally skilled actor, but who also would have the easy on-screen chemistry that two centuries of friendship would bring. I read several actors for the role but I think both Andy and I knew that Josh was the guy almost from the first line he spoke. Choosing episode 9 to highlight Josh's performance was probably one of the easiest choices for me.

This episode has everything I love about Josh's take on Cupid. First of all, he's a gifted physical comedian. His face, his body language, even the way he holds on to a cocktail glass all convey shock and terror in a way that's just plain funny. There's a look he tosses in the direction of Achilles and Athena, a reaction to one of Athena's attack's that makes me chuckle every time. And then there's the look he givens Eros just before the split up to save Achilles and Athena from Neikea's spell.

What's more, like Jo's Eros, Josh has always approached Cupid from a very human place – a guy figuring out how to navigate friendship and heartache. When he apologizes to Eros for ignoring her advice and asks for her help, you feel that he's not just desperate to get bailed out, but that he really wants his friend to know he's sorry. If the heart of our show has always been the friendship between Cupid and Eros, I can't think of a moment that portrays that any better.

Josh's Cupid is equal parts confident (c'mon he looks badass with that crossbow) boyish, charming and lets face it, occasionally a bit of a drag. In short, his Cupid is a fully formed, person/deity. The kind that I certainly enjoyed spending 9 plus episodes with... and hopefully you all did too.


ANDY:   Having the right sidekick for Eros was a necessity.  Since Eros was going to be the uber confident, sexually oozing, no baggage character, Cupid had to bring an opposing persona that when put together, created a complete and likeable diety.  The audition was a small group of hand selected actors and we had some good performances.   But Josh Heine stood out as having the sweet, vulnerable and “boy next door” look that played extremely well with Jo Bozarth’s Eros.  Fortunately for us, Josh was available during our shoot dates and excited to be our Cupid.   This is where fate stepped in because we could not have chosen a better person than Josh for the role.  You see, he immediately understood and brought to the camera a character that brings a sadness, elation, desire, dedication and comedic timing that goes along with love, friendship, work and heartbreak.  I’ve seen Cupid grow through Josh from the down-and-out average guy in the first episode whose only purpose in life, at that time, is work TO a Cupid that realizes to enjoy life, you have to take risks.

Episode 9 almost immediately came to mind for this category because it showcases the breath of what Josh brings to the character and his percise timing to reactions, be it serious or comedic.  In the beginning of the episode, we get an intelligence and understanding that Cupid cannot solve problems alone, he needs his partner to get the world back to normal after Neikea's interference.  Then we get, the confident, badass, Cupid who can hold his own even against a warrior like Achilles. After the world is right, Cupid's compassion comes through because he truly wants to see people and gods happy – there’s someone waiting for Achilles in Olympus.  And at the end, Cupid realizes that in his deep friendship with Eros, there is love.  A lot of emotions played through words, actions, timing and body language all the while natural and effortless.  A performance that I can watch over and over again and hope the IAWTV voters agree.

Well, we're in the home stretch, only three more categories to go. Be sure to let us know if you think we picked episode with the best Josh Heine/Cupid moments. We love hearing what you think.


-Avi and Andy

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