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It's hard to believe that New Year's Eve is already upon us.  Even harder to believe that it was a year ago, Jan 3rd to be exact, that we launched our 1st season of THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF CUPID & EROS in earnest.

It's been a wild ride and we wouldn't trade any of the the ups and downs for anything.  Today, we just wanted to use our blog to thank some of the people who've helped us along the way.  We were going to do it all via twitter, but then we realized we'd be flooding people's streams for at least an hour if we had to do things 140 characters at a time.

So a look back, and our thanks, after the jump.

Obviously we'd be nowhere without our cast and crew.  Everyone from our above the liners to the patient souls (i.e. Extras) who hung out on set for hours to help us fill bars and Satyr lodges.

Our distribution partners were the ones who helped us get C&E out across the web and onto your screens.  If you've only ever watched from our home page we encourage you to check out the other offerings on these great online networks: Mingle Media TV, Hulu, Indieflix, Stay Tuned TV.

Some really wonderful bloggers and journalists had kind words for us and a ton of support.  Aymar Jean Christian at Televisual and Tubefilter, April and Amanda from Indie Intertube, Ciarán & Ian at Pop Culture Monster, Damon L. Jacobs at We Love Soaps TV, Sean John and Elisar at Those Video Guys, and Jamillah Knowles at BBC's Outriders.

We were thrilled to be a part of some great festivals and screening series including: SkyFest IV, ITVFest, Web Series Unplugged, and the Valley Film Festival.  We were even more thrilled that Cupid himself, Josh Heine took home a nomination for Best Male Actor in a comedy at ITVFest, and that C&E took home 2nd place in the comedy section at SkyFest IV.  And of course, late in the year we were named one of the best comedies of 2011 by Those Video Guys, nominated for "Best Supplemental Content" by the voters of the IAWTV Awards and "Best Guest Appearance in a Comedy" by the voters of the Indie Soap Awards. 

What's more, there were a number of people who've been at this Web Series game longer than us who offerred advice, counsel and moral support.  Among them, Jenni Powell, Barrett Garese, Stephanie Thorpe, Todd Norwood, Marc Hustvedt, Drew Baldwin, Josh Cohen, Rich Mbariket, and the members of the IAWTV and the NYC Web Series Creators Facebook community.

We've discovered so many great other shows and in many cases had the pleasure of getting to know the creators behind them.  We tweet some of our favorites almost every week (you do follow us on twitter don't you?) and you can also see a few we picked to tell Outriders listeners about here.

And finally there's you fine folks, the fans.  We started this show because it was a story we wanted to tell and we wanted to do it on our terms.  I can't even begin to tell you how much every view, every tweet of encouragement, every facebook post, and every glance at this website has meant to myself, Andy and everyone involved.  It's been great getting to know you online and in some cases off line as well.  I hope to continue getting to know you all better as we move into 2012.

And so with that, here's to a happy, healthy, new year to you all.  May 2012 bring new and exciting adventures.




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