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Of Short Films and Series

So you may have noticed us talking excitedly about the fact that the “Short film version” of C&E is going to be playing at the 2011 Valley Film Festival on 11.11.11. And you may have said to yourself “Huh? C&E is a web series... what's this short film they're talking about?!?!”

Well dear readers, the truth is there's a (somehwat) secret history to our little show and how it came about. Get the full scoop after the jump and read a never before published scene that didn't make it to screen!

The simple truth is, C&E fans, that THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF CUPID AND EROS actually began life as a short film entitled simply CUPID AT A BAR.


I actually started the first draft of that short back in 2001 when I still a film student at NYU. I was looking for a project to do as my senior thesis, and one that could potentially serve as an opportunity to work with my friend and roommate Bradford Anderson. My initial 1 page pitch for the short started like this:


“An off-beat romantic comedy, this a film about Cupid. Yep, the guy in the diaper. Only he doesn’t actually go around in a diaper anymore. That went out of style. Cupid is the god of love yes, but he’s also extremely depressed. He himself is an unhappy bachelor and he can’t seem to remedy the situation. He is the proverbial nice guy. Funny, sweet, smart, and sensitive. In other words, everything women say they want, and never go for. He is at this point rather depressed and his been for at least a century or so.”


Reading it back now it's still kind of amazes me how close to that original idea the show still is.


For various reasons, the short never got made back then. But the idea stuck with me.


Flash forward to 2008 and myself, producer extraordinaire Andy Wells, DP, Jefferson Loftfield, Script Supervisor Erin Connarn and Jo Bozarth were all looking for a project we could work on together in L.A. For whatever reason, the first thing that popped into my mind was "Cupid At A Bar."


I went off, took all my notes from years past and wrote a short film about Eros trying to help Cupid get his Mojo back by finding a mortal woman to flirt with down on earth. There was one big change from how the film has initially been conceived... initially Eros was a GUY.


Making Eros a woman (or I guess I should say, Goddess) was one of the best choices we could have made. I wish I could take credit for it, but the truth is I'm pretty sure it was Andy. But once we went that route, everything began to fall into place in my head, and all sorts of ideas started to form.


And the rest of the team started to get ideas too. After reading my draft everyone was excited, but we couldn't stop talking about all the other stories we could tell in this world, and how the friendship between Cupid and Eros could evolve and change. It became very clear that our little short film didn't want to just be a short film at all...


We wouldn't actually get to start work on it till 2010, but that script for the short was still the perfect way to introduce our show... aside from some cuts for time, and some tweaks to pacing, our first three episodes fit perfectly back into place to become the short that C&E was originally conceived as. Andy and I decided to do a short film cut because there aren't a ton of fests out there that cater exclusively to web series. But also, it's nice once and a while to see that first story play out the way it was originally envisioned. Don't get me wrong, I adore our individual episodes, but there's something nice about watching this way too once in a while. If nothing else it's a peek at what could have been.


And speaking of what could have been... even before making the switch from short to series, I was cutting my initial script to make sure it didn't run too long. In that sense, cutting out the detail of what Cupid's potential date does for a living (and how that relates to Cupid) was the right call... it wasn't 100% needed to make the relationship work.  That said, I always loved the way these two scenes played out with that detail in them-- and so, here they are for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!




Cupid Deleted Scenes for Blog

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